About RAFAKidz

Welcome to RAFAKidz

As the charity that supports the RAF community, RAFAKidz was designed to meet the needs of military and civilian families in the community around an RAF station, providing affordable and quality childcare.

Our nurseries are located across the country on (or close to) RAF stations. All our nurseries are fully OFSTED registered, and we pride ourselves of our commitment to safeguarding and quality assurance.

This means RAFAKidz is focused providing a high-quality service for your family rather than on making commercial profit.

Together, we create experiences for our children to grow, learn and flourish.

Every day, in each of our nurseries, we create experiences that are special, unique and child focused.

When your child comes to RAFAKidz, we plan their experience carefully and sensitively, working together with you to understand their individual needs and requirements to ensure they learn and develop at their own pace.

For every child that comes through the doors of RAFAKidz, no matter their ability, background or circumstances we will provide experiences and opportunities that will help them grow, be confident and reach their potential.

Safeguarding - children with keyworker at Cranwell
  • Our People

    Our People

    Find out more about the people, including our leadership and management teams and how we united are in one simple mission of creating experiences for our children to grow, learn and flourish.

  • Curriculum


    Read more about our curriculum and how our programme is designed to help your child progress through their development milestones and reach Early Learning Goals and potential.

  • Funding


    We know that it can be confusing trying to work out exactly what funding your child is entitled to, so we’ve put together all the information you need to know in one place.

  • Safeguarding


    We play an important role in delivering care and support to children and their families. Learn more about how we promote safeguarding within RAFAKidz.