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Growing up and learning new things every day is an exciting part of being at nursery. At Cranwell, our rooms are designed for specific periods in your child’s development.

When it’s time to move into the next room, we’ll make sure your child has a smooth and comfortable transition. We’ll take the time to slowly introduce them to their new friends,environment and dedicated new co-pilot and we’ll work with you every step of the way.

Six months to two years

This room is designed for little ones to enjoy from the age of six months until they are two years old. We work to a maximum of three children to each staff member and we ensure your baby has regular interaction with their dedicated co-pilot.

The baby room is bright, cheerful and stimulating for them to enjoy. At this young age, your child’s development is focused on their immediate sensory experiences, and our baby room invites them to explore a wonderful world of enticing colours, shapes and textures.

We understand your baby’s routine is integral to their happiness and stability, and we’ll work closely with you to ensure we follow your baby’s home patterns. We believe in creating a caring and loving environment, a real home from home with lots of play and cuddles.

Two – three years

Two is a very active age, and your child is likely full of energy and enthusiasm. It’s at this stage that they will venture into the next room. Your little one can stay here until they reach three years old and they’ll only share their co-pilot with three other children.

Our toddler room has a more challenging range of educational and fun activities available, to stimulate children’s ever-expanding minds.

Within the toddler room, your child will also start to prepare for pre-school, so independent play and a selection of activities will be encouraged throughout the day.

Three – four years

From three years old to school start, your child will be transitioned into the pre-school room, where there will be a mixture of free play and structured learning. Now that they have gained more independence, we work to a maximum of 8:1 children to staff ratio.

We adopt the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, which underpins learning practices before your child goes to school. We also have great relationships with local primary schools.

At the end of your child’s time in pre-school, they will have developed their confidence around other kids and outside of the home; therefore the transition to full-time schooling should be a smooth progression of their continued adventure into the world of learning.

Breakfast, After-School and Holiday Club

We provide a breakfast and after-school service for children aged three – 11 years old that attend Cranwell Primary School.

We start the day at 07:30, when children are offered a selection of fruit, cereals, toast, milk and water or fresh fruit juice, before being taken to school.

After school we collect the children and take them back to the club, where they can relax and play with their friends after their busy day. We will feed them too; you can choose whether your child has a healthy snack or a two course cooked tea.

During the school holidays (except for two weeks at Christmas and Bank Holidays) we provide a wide range of activities which the children help to plan, plus freshly cooked meals prepared by our chef.