Food for thought

We all know that food feeds the mind! That’s why we deliver a well-balanced menu of meals and snacks, all prepared fresh daily by our own chef. All children will be offered their five portions of fruit and vegetables every day, taking the pressure off your evenings at home. Take a peek at a typical daily RAFA Kidz menu:


A wide variety of breakfast cereals and toast are available.

Lunch and tea

A nutritious, home-cooked lunch is served daily for everyone to enjoy. A lighter, homemade tea is also provided each day.

Morning and afternoon snacks

A daily choice of snacks such as fresh fruit, vegetable sticks and biscuits will be served with milk or water during the day. A light snack will be served in the afternoon, so your little one’s tummy won’t be rumbling when you come to pick them up.

Sample menu

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Choose from a selection of cereals and brown or white toast.
Morning Snack Pitta bread and apple Cheese cubes and pear Crackers and banana Cookie and melon Grapes and bread
Lunch Prawn and vegetable stir-fry Chicken tikka and rice with mixed veg Meatballs and creamy mash with carrots and peas Chicken and vegetable stir-fry Chicken goujons and potato wedges with broccoli and swede
Pudding Fruit cobbler with whipped cream Yoghurt and honey/fruit purée Banana and custard Bread and butter pudding with cream Fruit jelly and ice cream
Afternoon Snack A selection of fruit and veg which may include apple, pear, orange, banana and grapes; carrots, cucumber and peppers
Tea Veg soup and brown rolls


Tuna mayo wrap with carrot and cucumber sticks Jacket potato with beans

Chocolate cornflake cakes

Ham, cucumber and tomato rolls


Crackers and cheese Pear
  • We ask that ALL parents keep Nursery staff updated with any allergies that their child may have.

  • Alternative meals are prepared for children that have a dietary requirement or they are vegetarian/vegan.

  • Fresh drinking water and milk is available throughout the day along with juice at meal times.

  • Please feel free to send your child with a packed lunch if you prefer.