RAFAKidz: Digby

Our Rooms

Our four rooms at RAFAKidz Digby are designed to meet the specific needs of babies and children.

Our rooms are designed to meet the specific needs of babies and children. Each of our rooms is led by a senior nursery practitioner and they are supported by an experienced and qualified team.

When it’s time to move into the next room, we’ll make sure your child has a smooth and comfortable transition. We’ll take the time to slowly introduce them to their new friends, environment and dedicated key person and we’ll work with you every step of the way.

Baby room

Our baby room has lots of soft furnishings and age appropriate toys, as well as warm and friendly staff to make your little one feel safe and loved whilst in our care! As well as our baby room, we also have a dedicated small outdoor area for our babies to enjoy to their heart’s content. We work to a ratio of three children to one staff member for our children who are under two-years old and we ensure your baby has regular interaction with their dedicated key person.

Outdoor Play Area

Toddler room

Our toddler room has big open windows and doors that open up onto the toddler’s garden area where they love to play throughout the year due to our all-weather canopy. Inside the room, we have bundles of toys and crafting equipment. The staff are always planning new and exciting activities for the toddlers to enjoy. In this room we work to a ratio of four children to one member of staff.

Our Rooms Digby

Pre-school room

The pre-school room has a large outdoor space as well as plenty of indoor space for them to play and explore. Our pre-schoolers absolutely love to colour and craft so we always ensure the tools needed are readily available to the children. They also love story time and show and tell. Now that they have gained more independence, we work to a ratio of eight children to one member of staff.