RAFAKidz: Odiham

Our Rooms

Our three rooms are designed to meet the specific needs of babies and children.

Each of our rooms is led by a senior nursery practitioner and they are supported by an experienced and qualified team.

When it’s time to move into the next room, we’ll make sure your child has a smooth and comfortable transition. We’ll take the time to slowly introduce them to their new friends, environment and dedicated key person and we’ll work with you every step of the way.

Baby room

Our baby room is designed for your little ones to enjoy from the age of three months until they are two years old. We work to a maximum of three children to each staff member and we ensure your baby has regular interaction with their dedicated key person.

The baby room is bright, cheerful and stimulating for them to enjoy. At this young age, your child’s development is focused on their immediate sensory experiences, and our baby room invites them to explore a wonderful world of enticing colours, shapes and textures.

We understand your baby’s routine is integral to their happiness and stability, and we’ll work closely with you to ensure we follow your baby’s home patterns. We believe in creating a caring and loving environment, a real home from home with lots of play and cuddles.

Toddler room

Two is a very active age, and your child is likely full of energy and enthusiasm. It’s at this stage that they will venture into the toddler room. Your little one can stay here until they reach three years old and they’ll only share their key person with three other children.

Our toddler room has a much more challenging range of educational and fun activities available to stimulate your child’s ever-expanding mind.

Within the toddler room, your child will also start to prepare for pre-school, so independent play and selection of activities will be encouraged throughout the day.

Kids playing at RAFAKidz Odiham Toddler Room

Pre-school room

From three years old to school start, children will be transitioned into the pre-school room, where there will be a mixture of free play and structured learning. We work to a ratio of eight children to one staff member.

Children in the pre-school are provided with lots of challenging experiences across all the seven areas of learning. They are able to access resources which can be used in so many different ways and which foster their creativity and problem –solving skills. They will also become increasingly independent in their learning and able to look after their own personal care needs.

The children love being outside and get involved in gardening projects as well as challenging their physical skills as they climb trees and explore our wild areas. By the time children leave us for school they will be well prepared with the skills they need to make their transition smoother and their continued learning successful.