RAFAKidz: Shawbury


Meals and snacks

We believe that mealtimes should be a happy, social time where healthy and delicious foods can be enjoyed and eating skills can be developed. We provide healthy meals and snacks throughout the day. Menus are carefully planned to follow the government’s ‘Eat Better Start Better’ guidance and all meals are freshly prepared on the premises by our experienced nursery chef. We can cater for all allergies, intolerances, diets, and cultural needs.

Our staff are experienced in providing for babies and younger children who are weaning. We will work to create a plan, whether you are bottle feeding, breast feeding, or introducing new foods. For babies, parents are asked to provide formula milk and food until a blended nursery menu can be taken.

Our ‘Food for Life’ programme allows us to engage children in healthy eating activities, learning about food, where it comes from, and even growing their own food. We encourage parents to get involved too so you will be invited to join in with some of our activities.

We provide a water station so that children can access water throughout the day and children are offered water or milk with meals and snacks.

Take a peek at a typical daily RAFAKidz menu


A wide variety of breakfast cereals and toast are available.


A nutritious, home-cooked lunch is served daily for everyone to enjoy.


A lighter, homemade tea is also provided each day.

Morning and afternoon snacks

A daily choice of snacks such as fresh fruit and vegetable sticks are served with milk or water during the day. A light snack is served in the afternoon.

Mealtimes at RAFAKidz Abbey Wood

We ask that parents keep nursery staff updated with any allergies that their child may have. Alternative meals are prepared for children that have dietary requirements.